What we do ?

  • We undertake project with the objective to Increase the ROI (i.e. Cash Profit / Shareholder’s Equity) of the client’s business.
  • We use diagnostic methods and tools to dig deep into every corner (i.e. Products, Systems, Processes, Functions & Resources etc.) of business and identify issues and areas for improvement.
  • We cover every aspect or activity of your business which has an impact on the bottom-line either directly or indirectly. (e.g. Sales/Revenue, COGs/Gross Margins, each item of Operating Expense etc)
  • We use tools such as - Financial Modeling, Business Analytics, Process mapping, IT Landscaping etc.
  • Our Core Team comprising of professionals with 10 to 30 years of experience in the field of Finance, Accounting systems, IT & ERP Systems.
  • We communicate, brainstorm all ideas with your core team members and only the winning ideas are carried forward, which must meet the criteria of being - Simple, Factual & Actionable.


Let's help you!
America, US
Call us: +1 201 685 9170
director@cfo-innovations.com Cheyenne, WY 82001


SAP, QuickBooks, ZohoBooks, Odoo on cloud platform

Geo Coverage

USA, Europe, India, East Africa & Middle East

Industries Served

IT Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, Diversified etc


Experianced Team

Our leadership team of consulting partners have high credentials with over 25+ years of hands-on global experience in Strategic
Finance, Accounting & implementation of Systems, Our alliance with Global software vendors such as – Intuit QuickBooks, ZohoBooks, Odoo ERP gives us certain privileges on subscription costs and direct access to helpdesk which we use for client’s benefit.

24*7 Availablity

Your virtual CFO is available to you 24x7, you pay only when you utilize.

Cost Advantage

We offer you substantial cost advantage (i.e. 25% to 50% on your existing cost depending on volume) with highest quality.