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You may focus on your core business, we do the accounting for you and play the role of your CFO Advisor too!!

Virtual CFO Services (VCFO)

We offer complete range of CFO Services to clients across the globe, preferably in virtual mode, except in case of projects requiring occasional onsite presence. Our services include-

  1. Total or Partial responsibility of Finance & Accounting functions, including – Management/ Implementation/ Optimization of Accounting Systems, Transaction Processing (Banks/AP/AR/GL), Reconciliations, Strategic Budgets & Business Plan, Management Reporting, Payroll processing, Assets/ Inventory Management etc.
  2. SAP & other ERP Systems Support Services: We offer subject matter expertise & assist organizations to realize the full benefit of functionalities available in the ERP system.
  3. Specialized CFO Services, including – Development of Policy, procedures, Easy-to-use DOA manuals, Training on finance for Non-finance executives, Training on Advanced Excel, Finance & Accounting Talent Acquisition.

We can work on almost all the cloud based Accounting / ERP Systems & applications.

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Quickbooks Online Pro Advisor Services

Quickbooks applications are the most widely used among Small Business entities across the world and specially in USA because of their business-friendly processes and integration capabilities with a vast number of other apps. We are proud to be a Gold Partner with Intuit Quickbooks, Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisors & Certified T Sheets Partner Elite.


Our QBO services include ~ Complete Migration from any other Accounting and/or Payroll applications, Books Cleanup, Payroll processing (W2 & 1099 workers), Time Tracking & Billing integrated with Quickbooks Online, etc.

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Business Transformation (BT)

All businesses over a period tend to develop some inefficiencies, often due to Obsolete systems and processes besides other reasons. Irrespective of the size, it is imperative for any business to conduct a review at a reasonable time interval. We bet! Every time we do this we find areas for improvement in the bottom-line and sometimes results are astonishing!

What exactly do we do?

Our team led by Turnaround Pro with 30+ years of experience will work on developing a customised interactive financial model of your complete business, analysing every smallest item within each head of income and expense, questioning the validity and exploring into it, whether there are more optimal ways of doing that activity. Our senior team members with experience & expert knowledge in Information Technology, HR Practices, and Sales & Marketing join in at an appropriate time if there are observations leading to any structural, strategic flaws into those specific functions requiring deeper transformation.

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Finance & Accounting Talent Acquisition

Recruitments & Orientation of new employees can often be very time-consuming and frustrating for company HR & Business managers. Sorting CVs, coordinating with recruiters, organizing interviews, etc takes a big toll!

We, because of our domain knowledge and nature of work, always carry a pool of talent for different roles within Finance and accounting. If no match, we know where to find them. We provide you the right fit for specific job roles you need to fill in. We also do proper orientation of new recruit based on Company Information & Job descriptions. We handhold the candidate until onboarding & You get someone as job ready! See details for our other HR Services in F&A domain.

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My business is just doing fine, I have good accounting staff. Why do you think we require cfo services ?

Many companies do not utilize their full potential or often fail, not due to fundamental weakness in their business but due to lack of good financial management. Basic accounting can be performed by junior level accountants. A CFO can always see and show you the big picture and establish links between operations and finance. CFO can work with your accounting staff to implement/ improve financial reporting for better decision making. CFO may suggest improvement in the processes etc, which often result in improved bottom-line.

What if we want you for in person meeting sometimes to discuss things ?

Mostly we work in virtual mode and available all the time for video call but we do visit client locations in person, if a reasonable advance notice is given to us and cost of travel is reimbursed.
However, some clients do require us to conduct performance review meetings at fixed time interval in person with their key staff members which is stipulated in the contract and all costs are borne by us.

Our accounts are maintained in another language not English. How will you manage ?

We are already serving clients who maintain their accounts in French. Accounts being maintained in any language does not become an issue because we create a template mapping of Chart of Accounts only once in the beginning. All accounting information /reports are converted in English easily. Luckily, fundamental rules of business and accounting remain unchanged and are uniform everywhere irrespective of the language.

Can you provide us some reference of your clients those served by you?

Sure, we can provide reference of our clients upon request. Due to our confidentiality agreement, we are unable to provide the same over the web though.

Case Stories

Due to our confidentiality agreement, we keep the anonymity & share few real-life case study scenarios.

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