Every business…. Whether startup, SME or Big…needs someone with expertise in Accounting, Payroll, Finance  and systems so that they can focus on their core business without being worried whether clients are getting invoices on time, vendors are getting payments on time, employees get their wages on time. Receivables follow-up, cash flow planning and timely performance reports are all critical to manage the business.

The ideal choice for you would be to engage an experienced tech savy qualified CFO on full time basis but the question is whether the size of your business can justify and afford one ? Or even if you are willing to pay, a career-oriented finance professional would be willing to join in?

CFO Innovations offer you the solution. We will work remotely taking full responsibility for your accounting, payroll, financial management and system at a fraction of cost compared to a full time CFO. More than a full time CFO, we are available to you 24×7 but you have to pay us only when you utilize. Depending on the nature and size of your business, if needed, we will also provide you full time trained staff who will not only carry out all your accounting work, they will also handle client communications relating to accounting, they will follow-up with receivables just like your own accounting staff.

Our CFO Partners supervise and monitor  closely each and every activity to ensure the highest quality of delivery.

This is our core expertise and we strive for excellence always. We believe in taking ownership.

If you want to try us, please send us your details and we will get back to you promptly.

We will do a free review of your business from accountant’s perspective. All we require a 3 days view only access to your system after signing the NDA.  This will help us offer solution and decide the cost suitable for your business.

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