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“We work with you hand-in-hand just like your Full-time CFO / Finance Controller / Finance Manager, without you having to employ us full time”

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Management of Finance Function, Accounting & Integrated Systems

With the use of technology, virtually every activity and task relating to management of finance function can be performed remotely. You may want us to do an overall management of your finance function just like a full time CFO would do? Or, you may want to select from our range of services? The choice is with you. We will even help you decide which option would be most feasible for you

Compliance and Transaction Assurance Services

You may be under an obligation to comply with certain reporting requirements from Government, Banks, overseas customers/suppliers with regard to maintaining accounts as per IFRS/US GAAP/ UK GAAP etc, or You may be acquiring a business or planning to sell / transfer your business.

Business Transformation Services

Every growing business, over a period, is bound to develop some potential inefficiencies (or you may like to call it “potentially untapped efficiencies”). This often is the result of obsolete systems and processes, lack of integration, too much or too less delegation, leakages due to lack of internal controls etc - the reasons could be many. Here is what we have in store for you

ERP System selection/ SAP (ERP) New Implementation or Optimization

You want to switch from your legacy systems to an integrated solution for all functions of your business but you are in a dilemma. You want to implement new ERP System or implement additional functionalities of an existing ERP system
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