Finance & Accounting Talent Acquisition

How often have you, as a business, had to go through head hunters in an attempt to hire the candidate that best fits into your organization? The result of this is, often, a bunch of CVs being piled upon you and you have to spend valuable resources on conducting interviews, etc. Even after going through this tedious, time-consuming, and often frustrating process, you may not end up hiring the correct candidate.


With domain expertise on our side, we are able to assist you effectively in acquiring finance and accounting manpower at all levels, from entry level to Senior professional level, as per your needs. Our services include –


  • Shortlisting candidates from our pool of talented prospective candidates or search outside if no match found. We do the initial screening and send you only the profiles most-suited. After sending you the profiles, we also assist you in the onboarding process. We give you the candidate as Job ready!


  • Besides recruitment we also offer our expertise in – Restructuring your finance & accounting function, Job Analysis & fitness evaluation of the existing employees with respect to their job roles etc.
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