Business Transformation (BT)

The main project objective of Business Transformation (BT) is “To Increase the ROI of your Business“. In order to achieve that we use diagnostic tools & methods to dig deep into every aspect of your business (i.e. functions, products, resources, and processes) and identify the potential areas for improvement. We communicate, brainstorm all ideas with your core team members and winning ideas are identified separately once they meet the criteria of being Simple, Factual & Actionable.


Action plans are then drawn which include immediate remedies that will bring in a quick improvement in the company’s bottom line, and also other short, medium, and long term plans that will bring improvement over time. Business Transformation, thus, is an innovative solution to unleash the true potential of your business.

Our Key Strengths:

    • Team led by Turnaround Pro with 30+ years of experience
    • Finance, IT, HR & Marketing experts with 25+years experience are part of the delivery team.
    • Diverse industry, Geographical & Business exposure
    • Use of Time tested Diagnostic methods & tools to identify issues / potential areas for improving the bottom line
    • Our Out-of-box and solution oriented approach


BT is not an expense! It is an investment because – 100% payback of our fee is guaranteed!! You got nothing to loose anyway! 


Business Transformation (BT) is our core module. Though it covers the HR, Sales & Marketing functions from the cost point of view, business sometimes may require deeper transformation of these functions due to structural flaws. To cater this we offer two optional add-ons with specific focus areas namely- Human Capital Transformation, and Marketing and Sales Transformation.

Our Methodology

More on Services we offer :


Business Transformation


With the core objective of increasing the ROI (Return on Investment: defined as the Cash Profit divided the Equity held by the company’s shareholders), the Business Transformation module aims to cover all facets of the business that are impacting your bottom line, for example- Sales, Revenue, COGs, Gross Margins, Operating expenses, etc.


Using a team of professionals with a solid experience of 10-30 years in Finance, Accounting systems, IT, and ERP systems, we employ diagnostic tools like Financial Modeling, Business Analytics, Process mapping, IT Landscaping, etc. to identify the possible areas of improvement in all aspects of your business whether it is Products, Systems, Processes, Functions, or Resources. Based on our assessment, an action plan is drawn after brainstorming sessions with the key members of your organization, to come up with solutions that are: Simple, Factual, and Actionable.


While our core Business Transformation module does take into account all the aspects of the business from the point of view of cost optimization, there are instances when an organization would require a thorough analysis and improvement directed towards specific areas of the business. That is where our additional modules can help tide over deeper transformation requirements you might need due to some underlying structural and/or strategic issues in the specific areas. These supplementary modules are offered by us in two areas – Human Capital and Marketing and Sales:


Human Capital Transformation

This module is specifically targeted towards the HR part of your business. Here the focus is on bringing about an increase in the productivity of your employees, with the help of our core team which comprises HR professionals with experience of 10-30 years in the field.


To achieve our goal of improved productivity and cost optimization, we will review and come up with solutions for certain key HR areas such as organization structuring, refining of roles, Skill Assessment and Testing of current employees, Gap Analysis, and Performance Management Systems.


Marketing and Sales Transformation


This optional module is focused on your organization’s marketing and sales functions, with the goal to ensure a sustainable improvement in the revenue streams. Our expert team, with experience of 10-30 years in Strategic Marketing, will help you achieve this by identifying, assessing, and re-aligning your marketing strategy in line with this target.

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