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Management of Finance Function, Accounting & Integrated Systems

  • Strategic Management
    • Strategic Analysis / Performance Measurement / Monthly Reporting-PL,BS,Cash Flow
    • Conducting monthly Business Review meetings / Monitoring of action plan & reporting
  • Business Plan / Budget
    • PL,BS,Cash Flows-monthly budgets / Intercompany or Interdivisional cost allocation rules / Financial modeling
    • Quarterly Review of Original budgets & Plan revision
  • Financial Transaction Process
    • Book keeping / Data Entry-onsite & offsite / General Ledger Review / Account Closing-Monthly
    • Reconciliations-Banks /Intercompany / Credit Cards / Third parties
    • Inventory / Fixed Assets – Maintaining records & physical checks
  • Payroll (Country dependent) related activities
  • Working Capital Management
    • Cashflow forecasting / Accounts Receivable follow-up / Inventory control
  • Finance manpower management
  • Accounting and Integrated systems – Review architecture, Chart of Accounts & Interface

Compliance and Transaction Assurance Services

  • Compliance
    • External Reporting-Banks,Govt etc / International Financial
    • Reporting Standards (IFRS) / US GAAP / UK GAAP
  • Taxation (CountryDependent)
    • Planning and compliance
  • Project Feasibility/ Due diligence
    • Capex / New projects / Acquisitions
  • Bank Loans
    • Proposals / Financial projections
  • Internal Audit (Non-statutory)
  • Systems Audit
  • Internal control checks

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Business Transformation Services

You started your business some years back. You have been too occupied in establishing your business and brought it to this stage where you feel that you are master of your trade and no one knows your business better than you. Everything seems to be working well.

We would like you to remind yourself that every growing business, over a period, is bound to develop some potential inefficiencies (or you may like to call it “potentially untapped efficiencies”). This often is the result of obsolete systems and processes, lack of integration, too much or too less delegation, leakages due to lack of internal controls etc - the reasons could be many.

Here is what we can do for you - we use innovative tools to go deep into each & every area of your business and help you leverage your core competencies. We will be looking into every corner of your business, meeting and interviewing every key person within the company (without causing you any interpersonal issues off course!).

We will come up with our list of recommendations for improving your bottom line and discuss with you. Items which are logically agreeable with you will form part of the final report.

The best part of this exercise is that you only pay us a small fraction of potential savings in the final report. If we can’t find anything it costs you nothing except reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses and cost of travel of our consultants.

ERP Systems selection / SAP (ERP ) New Implementation or Optimization

  • ERP Systems Selection
    • Understanding the nature of your business & existing model
    • Need Analysis / Shortlisting systems options / Cost benefit Analysis
    • Submitting recomendations
  • For SAP users – Existing or Implementing
    • Creation of RFP (Request for proposal) document
    • Evaluation of ERP proposals & payback analysis
    • Gap analysis (As-is and to-be)
    • Business Process Re-engineering
    • Blue print documentation review & finalization
    • Change management
    • Resource & Training co-ordination
    • Data conversions
    • Test scenarios
    • Controlling realization of objectives
    • Go live support & coordination
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