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Our Pricing mechanism

In order to optimize the cost of execution, we divide the activities into core and non-core as per the table below:

Type of activity Examples Performed by
Management & Advisory Strategic analysis, Business Plan, Designing of MIS, Monthly review meetings, Review of work performed by other Sr. & Junior Associates etc. Consulting Partners
Core Activities Monthly closing, Management Reporting etc Senior Associate
Non-core Activities Financial transaction processing, Data entry etc Junior Associate

Depending upon the size and complexity of your business, the level of involvement of each type of resource is assessed in terms of number of hours, weeks or month. The same is discussed and reviewed with you. Upon mutual agreement, you are billed at a standard hourly rates predetermined for each level of resource.

We also have flexible plan options whereby we agree with you the hourly rates and maintain a time log, you are billed on a monthly basis based upon number of hours utilized for each resource.

We offer special monthly rates in case we deploy a dedicated resource for you who is estimated to be engaged on at least 70% of the time.

We strive to make the process completely transparent and you must feel the value for yourself.

“High quality service at most affordable cost”.

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Mobiles: +91 9919166538; +91 9935506885