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Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Can you provide us some reference of your clients those served by you?
Ans: Sure, we can provide reference of our clients upon request. Due to our confidentiality agreement we are unable to provide the same over web though.
Que: Our accounts are maintained in another language not English. How will you manage?
Ans: We are already serving clients who maintain their accounts in language other than English. Accounts being maintained in any language does not become an issue because we create a template mapping of Chart of Accounts only once in the beginning. All accounting information /reports are converted in English easily. Luckily, fundamental rules of business and accounting remain unchanged and are uniform everywhere irrespective of the language.
Que: My business is just doing fine, I have good accounting staff. Why do you think we require CFO Services?
Ans: Many companies do not utilize their full potential or often fail, not due to fundamental weakness in their business but due to lack of good financial management. Basic accounting can be performed by junior level accountants. A CFO can always see and show you the big picture and establish links between operations and finance. CFO can work with your accounting staff to implement/ improve financial reporting for better decision making, he may suggest improvement in the processes etc, which often results in improved bottom-line.

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Mobiles: +91 9919166538; +91 9935506885